Reablement Care Services

Reablement is short-term care provided in the home to aid recovery following illness or after a period of hospitalisation. Irish HomeCare carers can provide you with short-term care at home to aid your recovery following an accident, fall or surgery. Our carers can assist you to recuperate and rebuild your strength in the safe environment of your home.

We provide a person-centred, holistic care approach to enhance your physical, emotional, social and psychological wellbeing. The care and support of our carers can assist you to regain your confidence to carry out activities independently.

Some of the reablement care services we provide are:

  • Personal Care
  • Support with activities of daily living
  • Support with mobility
  • Support with exercises as directed by healthcare professionals following hospital discharge
  • Support with domestic tasks
  • Meal preparation
  • Supporting with community activities

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For more information about our personal care service, contact the care team to discuss your requirements.

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