Clinical Governance

Clinical governance is a framework through which healthcare teams are accountable for the quality, safety and satisfaction of the care they deliver.

As part of our commitment to quality, Irish HomeCare’s Clinical Governance Department employs qualified healthcare professionals and nurses to work closely with our operations team towards a shared goal of excellence in care.

The Clinical Governance Department also works closely with the quality team to oversee the organisational structures and systems which are in place to promote continuous quality improvement and maintain high standards of quality and safe care.

Some areas covered by clinical governance include:

  • The development and review of organisational policies and procedures to ensure employees are continuously supported and provided with guidance on how to fulfil their role to the highest standards in line with evidence-based best practice.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the processes relating to incident management, risk management and service complaints to ensure best practice prevails.
  • Promote a culture of organisational learning, where staff feel valued and empowered to share experiences for the purpose of continuous learning.
  • Promote client engagement and involvement, whereby clients are at the centre of their care and have opportunity to provide feedback from their experiences.
  • Oversee the education and training programmes in place for employees to ensure it is of the highest standard and adequately prepares them for their role.
  • Conducting audits to evaluate the quality of service provided to ensure that every effort is made to promote positive experiences of care for all clients.
  • Provide support and advice on clinical and health-related matters.