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Cavan Open Day - Part I

Cavan Open Day – Part I

Posted on September 12, 2017 By Niall Fay

Have you heard the news? We are hosting an exciting Open Day in Co. Cavan! You may be thinking “so what?” but I assure you, this is big. Our Recruitment Team will be ready and eagerly waiting to speak to people about what we can offer existing Carers, potential Carers and people interested in learning what services we offer our clients. This short blog will explain in simple terms why we are hosting this Open Day, where and when it will be, and who will be there. That said, have a read of this and understand exactly what our Open Day is about and why you should attend.


First things first, where and when is it? The venue is the Hotel Kilmore just off the Dublin Road in Co. Cavan. If you are unsure of the exact location you can find it on With regards the date, it will be taking place on the 28th September 2017, from 10:00 – 14:30.


We have the location, date and time sorted. Now you are wondering why we are doing an Open Day. Simply put, we are there for you! People generally have questions such as “what do you do? How can I apply? What’s the rate of pay?” and so instead of dragging you to our office, we have decided we will come to a convenient location near you. We know Co. Cavan has an abundance of potential Carers and we want you to join our team. We want you to share the care.


Furthermore, we understand that Cavan is no different to the rest of Ireland in that there are residents that require Care. Consequently, our Open Day is designed to provide you with information on the various client services we offer, as we offer a variety of Care packages ranging from short-term to long-term Care.


What exactly will be discussed at the Open Day? A variety of things will be spoken about including but not limited to;

  • Job Opportunities
  • Client Services
  • Interviews
  • Training & Development


Other than the above listed topics, our Recruitment Team will most likely have a typical chat with you as well, covering essentially Irish topics such as:

  • “The evenings are getting darker”.
  • “Bit chilly in the mornings now”.
  • “Shocking weather out there”.
  • “Is the kettle on?”.


With regards who will be hosting our Open Day, it will be members of our Recruitment and Services Teams. Each are as lovely as the last and will be ready to answer any possible queries you may have.


You may be thinking you need to have your Sunday best washed and ironed before attending the Open Day. I’m delighted to say you do not! This is a casual Open Day so do not feel obliged to wear a formal outfit. If you’d feel more comfortable in formal attire then by all means, suit up!


Lastly, our Recruitment Team will be conducting interviews for anyone on the day who is interested in becoming a top-quality Carer. If you would like to be interviewed for a Care Assistant position, register on, email or call 0818 776 361.


P.S. Keep an eye on our blog page for more blogs concerning the Recruitment and Client Services aspects of our Open Day.