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Caregivers - Care for yourself this Christmas

Caregivers – Care for yourself this Christmas

Posted on December 23, 2017 By Oliver Donnelly

Here at Irish HomeCare we understand that the Christmas holidays in particular can create a lot of extra stress and ad a lot more “to-do items” to the to-do list for somebody who is caring for a loved one or who is employed by a home-care company. As we are approaching the most valued holiday period of the year Christmas, don’t let your job or your “to-do list” ruin your holidays. Try our top-tips below, to relieve you of your stress around the Christmas Period.


First and foremost, it is important for you to Take Care of Yourself. We all know the Christmas period is filled with the most “Valued” things in life – Sweets, Cakes and Chocolates, am I right?? However, as great as this is, it is important that we watch our health. Although it is easier said than done around these periods, it does not take much to put a little more effort into planning daily exercise rather than more effort to opening the tins of Roses, Celebrations or whatever you may have. However small amount of exercise it may be trust us when we say you will benefit from it in the New-year, not only in your personal care-giving life but also if you are employed by a home care company. The Christmas holidays in particular are times for traditions, whether it be who makes the Christmas pudding or who takes the alcohol to the party, however in the life of a care giver some of these traditions may be hard to keep up. So, as a family we suggest that you sit down, and discuss what can go and what can say in order to benefit your needs! We believe that communicating your needs to your family can relieve a lot of unnecessary stress among family members. Communicating with your family will help you smooth out any problems you may come across weather big or small and help to avoid similar stresses in the future. With this is mind, it is also very important to be flexible with your family traditions, if you are a care giver to a loved one and feel too much pressure to keep up usual traditions as discussed above. Pass these on to another family member who we are sure would be more than happy to help out in any way they can. Planning ahead can be very beneficial to a family with an elderly person in need of care as it will separate out the main tasks of Christmas like cooking, cleaning, shopping etc… so nobody will undertake the brunt of the work and stress over it. With all this said we believe that it is very important to keep as many of the family traditions as possible, and if time or circumstances get in the way, adapt as necessary. As a caregiver around the Christmas period, we leave you with one last top-tip and probably the most important of all to Be Resourceful if someone offers to help you don’t be a “No” person and accept the help! This could be with either an elderly family member; the cooking, cleaning, shopping the list goes on. If you get cared for yourself this Christmas, we guarantee it will make things a hell of a lot easier and you would begin to enjoy your Christmas holidays like we all should.